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Tour Miami’s Wynwood Art District

 Wynwood Buggies agency offers different kind of  tours customize for each guest.

Explore Wynwood’s arts via eco friendly golf carts, in charge of our certified guides who will take you on a deep dive into the international celebration of street art and Miami culture. 

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Wynwood Buggies is a team that offers tours around the Wynwood Art District on our fun and comfortable electric buggies, traveling from art piece to art piece on a VIP experience featuring several local and international artists. 

Wynwood Buggies is supported by a large community of local and international artist including Golden305, Andrew 2alas, Donrmx, Slomo, Memi Martinez, Alexis Diaz, Pixel Pancho, El Xupete Negre, Cranio artes, Sipros_ Sipros, Ruben Ubiera among many others.

We are also the exclusive company for walking tours inside Wynwood Walls and the only company who provide street art tours. Come to enjoy and share our passion for art.

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